C.O.A. Entertainment

C.O.A. Entertainment is a full service Entertainment Company. Founded in 1997 by Ducado VeGA, the company has been pumping out groundbreaking content for over 2 decades C.O.A. has a diverse range of offerings including Recording Label, Music Production, Songwriting Services, Sound Design, Music Video Production and Editing, Music Publishing, Independent Film and Documentary Production, Television Pilot Development, Motivational Speaking Services, Book Publishing, Recording Studio (Music, Voice-over, Audio Books, Sound Effects), Vlogging, DJ Services and more. Our original content is unique and cutting edge. Our company philosophy is based on thinking without limits. Our goal is to be the new innovators in regards to how creative content and intellectual property is marketed and delivered  The old model of content creation and distribution does not work anymore. A new path must be forged. A new lane has to be created. C.O.A. is stepping up to the plate to do so.   

C.O.A. Empire Records (Recording Label)

VME Songs Music Publishing (ASCAP)

Visual Sound Box (Movie Production and Distribution)

C.O.A. Books (Book Publishing)

C.O.A. Entertainment (Music Production, Video Production)

Ducado VeGA (Recording Artist, Songwriter, Producer, Video Director, Movie Director, Speaker, Author, DJ, Writer, Sound Design, Recording Engineer)

Zenya Vi (Recording Artist, Songwriter, Actress)

DJ Ducado VeGA (Professional DJ Services)

Music and Motivation (Motivational Speaking Services)

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